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Samaraha has been a life coach and seminar leader for the last twenty years.  She is a Director of Psychodrama, an ordained Minister in the Madonna Ministry, an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, and a successful homeowner and business woman. 

From her earliest moments she could hear the angels and guides talking to her. It was much like an ever-present radio sometimes soft, other times louder, yet always available if she would tune in and take some time. They were her constant. These beings were friends and companions and guides and teachers. Their love was a blanket of soft delight and clarity for me.

Samarah has continued to combine her education in Mystical ways with her teaching and real estate. She assists people in finding balance and joy in the “real” world as they explore and find inspiration and direction from their inner knowing and their connection to Source. She offers private sessions, group experiences, retreats, recordings, and a variety of classes and workshops.

For the last eleven years she has also been channeling the loving wisdom of Divine Mother Mary and other Masters from the Realms of Light. She has traveled internationally as an ordained Madonna Minister, channeling Mother Mary at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, amidst the trees and green of Scotland’s Findhorn and at gatherings large and small from Maine to California. Everywhere Samarah goes, Mother Mary’s wisdom brings comfort and perspective from the Sacred Realms to illuminate and enrich our human journey. Now, at last my worlds are One.

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We are grateful for Samarah joining our team of spiritual tweeters.  She is a wonderful channel of Mother Mary, filled with love energy and a gift of joy.


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