Rachel Goddard...

Rachel is RGi Design Future in Universal Provision, UP~Stream Author, Coach and Consultant, E-mergence Architect, Spiritual Activist
Human Ecologist, Economist, and Educator, Developmental Designer
Futurist, Soul Guide.

She is the author of Gaian Praxis, the interactive experiential learning for positive change and new results in human achievement, as one.  She is a Quaker and a Celt; a visionary, prophet and spiritual master.

Well known for her activism to change the mediocre and the slip and slide of the common life experience of death in life, Rachel created the universal model for Human/Spiritual Development in Action for Universal Provision, known as Gaian Praxis.

Our deep relationship with Gaia is accessible at the axis point in all our lives, quite simply, when we engage with what we really want, at the level of deep cause.  In Gaian Praxis we learn how to achieve this state of connection, expression, peace, movement, activism, provision, fulfilment, enlightenment and grace.

Rachel takes us, by the hand, in the Light, into our own deep magic, into the microcosm and macrocosm of all that is sacred within, for Life

[No job too large.!]

I am so excited about Spiritual Tweets because it is in this quick and simple medium, that the moment of inspiration, the quickening, the change we need which is possible for all of us on any breath. 

The time it takes to breathe, the time it takes for a Spiritual Tweet to be received is all it needs to be the inspiration, and even change lives, and in the next breath to pass it onů. to open up hearts and new vistas, to stimulate, to calm, to heal, to prompt forgiveness, and a few words by Spiritual Tweets from spiritual healers and spiritual activists can connect 1:1 and 1:many in shared powerful thought, awareness, prayer, action, and recollection, in ways which nothing else can.

My message of spiritual growth is that in this life we are spiritual beings, having a physical experience.  Our every thought and action is within the context of a spiritual interaction, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, and to me it is important to make every simple act and action a prayerful mix of acceptance, diligence and questioning, to keep the channels of communication open and clear and ready for new insights and growth.

Everything we are able to do in the physical world, by our spirited character as a spiritual being is for the placement and design of our own cosmic potential, in the maturation of our soul, and for the of the fulfilment of all primordial promise, as one with all others.

You can find Rachel at:

http://spiritedentrepreneurs.com (Coming Soon)

We are grateful for Rachel joining our team of spiritual tweeters.  She is a wonderful visionary for our world through human & spiritual development.  Compassionate and caring about mankind, such a light for our universe.


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