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Lynn is a natural born Intuitive and Empath. She has combined her life-long love for, and connection to animals, with her passion and gifts for healing and counseling, to create international recognition as an Animal Intuitive. Trained in Animal Communication by pioneer specialist Penelope Smith, Lynn is also a Certified Spiritual Psychotherapist (Transformational Arts College graduate), and Subtle Energy Healer. Lynn’s work takes her to many locations in Canada, the US and abroad.

Lynn’s Speaking, Teaching and Media
Lynn is a keynote speaker and regularly facilitates Workshops and Teleclasses in Animal Communication, and Energy Healing. Her work has been featured in the Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette, London Free Press, Peterborough Examiner, Animal Wellness Magazine, Four Corners Magazine, Omega Source, Plus Magazine and Dogs, Dogs, Dogs. She has been heard on many radio shows and has made numerous television appearances including a documentary series for the Life Network entitled ‘Going to the Dogs’, airing in Canada in 2002.

Lynn’s Healing Team
It is important to note that Lynn is merely a conduit or channel for the work she does. Her work is really of a higher source or vibration, and is often magical in results. She credits her healing team, a group of physical and non-physical beings for the actual results. Her team is comprised of her equine guide ‘Lucero’, her beloved Golden Retriever ‘Jiggs’, ascended masters, archangels, St. Francis of Assisi, Edgar Cayce, her ancestors on the other side and numerous other beings.

Everything we are able to do in the physical world, by our spirited character as a spiritual being is for the placement and design of our own cosmic potential, in the maturation of our soul, and for the of the fulfilment of all primordial promise, as one with all others.

Lynn has studied over 20 healing modalities and draws from each of them, as needed, in her work. 

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We are grateful for Lynn joining our team of spiritual tweeters.  Years ago Lynn & I became good friends... she taught me about teleclasses, animal communication and told me that what I did for people is being called a "virtual assistant".  She is one of the best animal communicators and coaches one could have, being both passionate and caring.


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