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Hal is a passionate Empowerment Coach™ and an Intuitive Spiritual Numerologist. He serves as a Professor of Spiritual Counseling at Akasha University of Metaphysics. He is both a humorist and a storyteller, a Conscious Language™ Facilitator and a CPC Life Coach. He is also an Ordained Interfaith and Gnostic Minister and student of life and love.

The first 32-years of Hal’s life included gaining knowledge and wisdom about his gifts and his life challenges. He worked in the corporate world as an Executive Strategist and Brand Builder for companies including The Coca-Cola Company and Miller Brewing Company. He later built his own Sports Marketing business where he created branding campaigns for professional athletes including Jeff Gordon, Kyle and Adam Petty and many other NASCAR drivers.

On May 12, 2000, his life was forever changed with the death of his 19-year-old friend and client, Adam Petty. Adam’s death was a powerful awakening for Hal. During a 6-month period in 2000, everything that he thought that was important was removed from his life. Left with nothing but his thoughts, Hal began a deep search for HIMSELF. He started his Spiritual Journey back to the center of his heart and discovered many powerful teachers and tools to help him see what he had avoided most of his life…his true calling to teach, mentor, tell stories and serve as a great guide to allow others to reveal their own grandeur!

Hal shares his thoughts and insights about life now as a 9-year practicing Spiritual Numerologist and as a powerful Life and Spiritual Coach. His mission now is to point other “seekers” in the powerful direction of their Divine Hearts via his own experience and tools for “resetting” our brilliance.

From his own powerful search for himself, Hal has designed his own system of PERSONAL and SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT to allow others to live their Highest Choice in each moment with PASSION.

His warm humor, powerful stories and keen insight into life offers clients strength, higher awareness and personal accountability as he walks them lovingly back home to their heart and their own Divine Purpose. br> Hal is currently a featured expert and writer at Growth.com and a practicing Life Coach and Advanced Numerologist. He offers Soul Urge, Life Purpose, Divine Quest and “Inner Speak”™ Angelic readings. He is also a guest lecturer about “The True Meaning of the Energies of 2012: How to Prepare for this New Energy.”

Hal believes that our heart is our highest and greatest teacher in life and that our own “limiting beliefs” are now manifesting much more rapidly to allow us to heal our thoughts and learn to create a life of joy and passion in each “thoughtful” moment. It is time to build a “Heart-Based Community” where we are the ones who ignite one another to create a “tipping point” for love over fear in our lifetime because “we did not come here to lead an ordinary life!”

Hal is the father of three children who are here to change the world!

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We are grateful for Hal joining our team of spiritual tweeters.  He is an amazing soul with depth & great humor. We are honored he came across our path and decided to join us!

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