Gisela Arenas...

Gisela helps those that come to her by bringing them back to their heart center and Divine connection.  She is a gifted Certified Lymphologist,  Quantum-Angel® and Quantum-Touch® Practitioner, also using Spiritual Response Therapy & Vibrational Sound Healing within her sessions.  

Gisela's sessions are guided by the Ascended Masters & Angelic Realms, including sound-healing which uses the vibrational HU sound.  The HU sound is considered to be the "god-source" sound and it helps clear energies within you and around you.  This connects you with the I AM presence which is the God connection. It is the highest vibrational mantra that helps activate the heart & crown chakra. 

During Gisela's sessions she also channels valuable information from the spiritual realm for the client.  Messages can come through from loved ones on the other side and all of this helps shift emotional blockages and aid in one's healing...

Gisela's warm loving presence creates a safe and comfortable environment in which transformational sessions happen. Just choose to be open and receptive and wondrous healing can occur... always our choice.

Those of the highest vibration choose Gisela to work on them either in person or through long distance healing.  Healing energy knows no constraints of time & space...

Gisela is a dear friend of mine and was my student years ago.
Among the many people who took my workshops, she brought
something very rare and special to the events, which I can not teach
anybody: How to share love from a pure heart. Her sincerity and
purity, make her an exceptional channel for divine healing energy.
It is with delight and gratitude that I appreciate her intuitive
gifts and her gentle healing abilities. I am fortunate to receive
treatments from her on a regular basis and highly recommend her

Eva-Maria Mora
Founder of Quantum-Angel-Healing®

You can find Gisela at: (Coming Soon)

We are grateful for Gisela joining our team of spiritual tweeters.  I am honored to be called friend and the recipient of her divine energy work. She is an amazing healer, lightworker & teacher... always filled with love. 


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