David Wine...

David lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his remarkable wife Jennifer, two awesome dogs and one super-fluffy cat.

His first marriage rewarded him with two brag-worthy sons. Jamie is a marine biologist living in Seattle and Zac lives in Boston teaching people how to answer the phone (tough job but somebody has to do it). David graduated from Arizona State University in 1983 with a B.S. in Accounting and has worked in the fields of finance and accounting for more than twenty five years. Which lead to his first public announcement: I am not a writer (but I am willing to learn!)

The experiences described in his first book A Forever Place really did happen. David says "The book is the culmination of many hours of my feeble attempts to write plus lots and lots of input from professionals which helped improve my work significantly."

He is a CPA and currently work for a global consulting company. He also has a real estate license which, at the moment, makes him grateful for the CPA thing.

You can follow David's spiritual concepts and as he puts it, "mental wanderings" on his intriguing blog.  One of the purposes for his blog, is to challenge your beliefs and to engage your passion for those beliefs.

You can find David at:



We are grateful for David joining our team of spiritual tweeters.  He is a great author that makes you think about God, the Universe, what is out there in our galaxy, our existence... making us recognize we are not alone.


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