Brenda Blindenbach...

Brenda is a sought after International teacher and speaker of holistic aromatherapy, has worked for ten years in the complementary and alternative fields of medicine and seven years in the field of vibrational medicine.

Brenda has found that using the Ancient Secrets of Manifestation and the Eliminating Interference Patterns of DNA process -both vibrational healing techniques - were the missing links to removing the blocks to her success.

Brenda is also a Possibilities DNA instructor and practitioner, a registered Aromatherapist, and has worked in the medical field as a Laboratory Technologist at Saint Paulís hospital for 13 years.

Brendaís vision is to help people to integrate the values of integrity, connection, freedom, awareness, family, and to teach personal and spiritual transformation and healing by using possibilities dna release and manifestation techniques.

I'm inviting you to surrender to your higher Self; to Let God and let Go...and to go with the flow ~. Remember: life and golf are supposed to be fun!

You can find Brenda at: 

We are grateful for Brenda joining our team of spiritual tweeters.  One of Brenda's greatest passion is to empower people by helping them shift their limiting beliefs.  She is from the heart, filled with energy and you can feel this through her work.


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