Spiritual Growth Through Social Networking

The power of spiritual growth through social networking sites such as Twitter just made sense... SpiritualTweets is about bringing daily spiritual insights... something to make you think, smile, feel joy, peace and open your heart.

How was Spiritual Tweets born?

In our fast paced world we don't always have time to read a full email... hence Spiritual Tweets was born...  Spirituality on the go.... that gentle reminder of the Divine Beings we truly are.

Having the pleasure to work with our Spiritual Tweeters as their virtual assistant, and  knowing that they all come from heart energy, I approached them after having a conversation with Victoria about what to tweet about on Twitter. 

We live in such a magnificent & important time here on Earth...  I  knew "group energy" is very powerful in helping shift vibrations.  This vision just came all at once and questions came to mind:

  • How can we help raise the consciousness of our world through the shift?

  • How can we reach a wide audience?

  • How can we do our part in bringing joy into other's lives each day?

By working as a group, we can bring spiritual growth to a wider audience through the social networking platform.  Each of our Spiritual Tweeters are amazing Authors, Coaches & Lightworkers and I am grateful & honored to be bringing their spiritual teachings to the world!

Our "Spiritual Tweets" group includes Susan Apollon, Gisela Arenas, Victoria Barna, Brenda Blindenbach, Beverly Cohoon, Rachel Goddard, Samarah Leia, Hal Price, Rand Marquardt, Lynn McKenzie, David Wine & myself, CoraLyn Hughes.


Launched on New Moon of June 22nd with Summer Solstice Energy!

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